Painting Your Home can be Confusing

Let's Take the Guesswork Out of it

Growing up as an Army brat there were no opportunities to paint our home... our walls were basic white and that's how the Army liked it! I had white walls and very little knowledge on anything paint related.

Once I was out on my own I was finally able to paint but I had to start learning from the bottom... ground zero. I remember buying a can of paint for Mom's craft room... several hours later we had plenty of facebook worthy photos but we still didn't understand the difference between this gallon and that gallon. Paint was a foreign subject that we had yet to master.

If you're anything like I was then standing in a paint store staring at the dozens of options can be very confusing and don't even get me started on achieving a professional finish.

Now I spend my days working in the paint store... I've mastered the differences between this gallon and that gallon and could tell you exactly which roller will give you the smoothest finish. I've become the Paint Lady!

           I know nothing about painting! I have a few projects in mind but had no idea where to start. Painting feels like it should be such a simple task until you walk into a store with a million and one options. haha!

Betsy's book answered so many questions and gave me the steps and information to feel confident moving forward! Her writing made it feel fun and conversational instead of a boring how-to book. I especially loved the images of the colors in already painted

You may be wondering which brand of paint is best for your project or where to start with prep work...

"Do I need primer? How does paint and primer work?"

"How do I tell if my paint is latex or oil?"

"Why does one brand of paint cost so much more?"

Readers (and customers) just like you have asked each and every one of these questions. Painting your home can be a daunting task but it doesn't have to be!

While I can't make the physical work any easier I can lay out an easy-to-use road map for painting your entire home.

Why wait when you can learn how to paint your home right the first time... so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Painting your home doesn't have to be overwhelming...

rooms! Perfect visual for the overwhelmed DIY'er like me! I am looking forward to getting started on my next project!

Where Do I Get My Copy?

  Caitlin from Collectively Caitlin

The difference between each paint sheen & how to pick the perfect one for every space in your home.

  Crystal from What Treasures Await

How to start each project the right  way so that you don't have problems (like peeling) down the road.

How to find inspiration & pick the perfect paint color... so that you're happy with your choice the first time.

Tips and Tricks for Painting your space... just like a professional painter!

          I have a little bit of a paint obsession! We’ve painted the inside of our home quite a few times so I assumed I knew everything there was to know...boy was I wrong! Betsy’s book is such an amazing resource, full of tips and tricks to help with the painting process from start to finish! I wish I could have read this years ago. She knows her stuff and I would highly recommend reading this book before you even think about painting!

What You'll Learn!

How to pick between all the different rollers & brushes... Why are there so many options?!

How to understand the different types of paint (sample paint, chalk paint, latex and oil) and decide which one is right for you.

Are You Sold Yet?

          As a newbie homeowner, I quickly became overwhelmed by all of the decisions about colors, sheens, brands, primers and tools out there. I wish I had read Betsy's book when we first moved in! Her book gave me a much better understanding of all of the paint options out there, and I feel more confident about selecting paint for DIY projects.

Chapter 1: Start Here

Chapter 2: Primer... Aren't all Primers the Same?

2.1 What about Paint & Primer in One?
2.2 Bonding Primer
2.3 Oil vs Latex
2.4 Covering Red with Gray Primer
2.5 Sanding: Do I Need to Sand my Walls?

Chapter 3: Price... is it Really Worth it?

3.1 Why is One Brand Worth More than Another?

Chapter 4: Interior & Exterior Paint

4.1 Qualities to Look for in my Perfect Paint
4.2 Sample Paint is Not Real Paint
4.3 Understanding Chalk Paint
4.4 Exterior Colors vs Interior Colors
4.5 Front Door Colors
4.6 What if my House is Stained?

Chapter 5: Tips & Tricks for Actually Painting

5.1 How Much Paint do I Need?
5.2 Step-by-Step: How to Paint Your Space!

Chapter 6: What Paint Sheen Do I Use?

6.1 Interior Sheens

Chapter 7: Tools of the Trade

7.1 The Perfect Roller Nap for Your Paint
7.2 A Good Brush Costs WHAT?
7.3 Extension Poles
7.4 Pans and Trays
7.5 The Handy Paint Pal
7.6 Painters Tape

Take a Closer Look...

Chapter 8: Color Combinations

8.1 Finding Inspiration
8.2 Mood Board Examples

Chapter 9: Paint Colors

9.1 Popular Paint Colors for 2016

Chapter 10: What Do I Have in my House

10.1 Paint Brands
10.2 Paint Colors

Bonus Chapter: But What Does it Look Like? Colors in Real Life

  Emily from Small Stuff Counts

I Want the eBook!

          This book has everything. I've used paint for a long time now and there are some questions I just never got the answer to. Betsy takes you step by step. There's even a formula for how much paint you need for your project. That would have saved me those extra trips to the store for more paint!

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Jessica from My DIY Envy

Get a Free Sample Chapter!

That is definitely something I will be putting to good use! Betsy takes the guesswork out of painting and I can't wait to go back through the book over and over again as I work on projects in my home

          If you have ever had the need to pick up a paint brush, stop what you're doing and grab Inside the Paint Can before you do anything else! As a self professed DIY lover, I thought I knew a fair amount about paint, but after reading Inside the Paint Can that couldn't be further from the truth.

Betsy is a serious painting pro and I learned so much about paint, brushes, and colors. I love how she explains primers, sheens, and rollers in such simple terms. Plus, she
teaches you how to make your own chalk paint and explains in detail how it works.

I'm Betsy: Home Decor Enthusiast, Yorkie Mama, Crafter, Picky Eater, Chief Mess Maker, Antique Hoarder, Graphic Designer, Paint Lady and the girl behind Happily Ever After, Etc.

In between figuring out life as a newlywed, a full-time job selling paint and full-time school for my honey you can generally find us working on (attacking with a paintbrush) the three bedroom home we are currently renting. While it might not be perfect it is ours, and if you hang out with us for a while you’ll see that what we lack in know-how we make up for in passion.

These days you can typically find me up to my elbows in paint and as the questions come pouring in I quickly realized that you have questions... and I have answers! So I sat down to write a book that answered each and every one of your questions... and Inside the Paint Can was born.

Paint Color Tracker

A printable planner to record paint colors, sheen, brand, and quantity for every room in your home.

The Starter Package

Includes PDF eBook & Printable Paint Planner

The Packages!

Inside the Paint Can: Beginner Tips & Tricks for Interior Painting PDF eBook

10 Chapters to help you paint like a pro.

The Ultimate List

of Painting Tools

A printable checklist of each and every painters tool needed for a paint project.

Includes PDF eBook, Paint Planner, Ultimate Tool Checklist and Sheen Printable.

Inside the Paint Can: Beginner Tips & Tricks for Interior Painting PDF eBook

10 Chapters to help you paint like a pro.

The Advanced Package

Paint Color Tracker

A printable planner to record paint colors, sheen, brand, and quantity for every room in your home.

Paint Sheen Printable

A printable guide to the benefits of each sheen and which to use for each surface.

The Starter Package

PDF eBook

10 Chapters | 99 Pages

Printable Paint Color Tracker

The Ultimate List of Painting Tools

Paint Sheen Printable

PDF eBook

10 Chapters | 99 Pages

Printable Paint Color Tracker

The Advanced Package

Choose Your Package!

Looking for something else? If I haven't answered one of your questions please feel free to contact me at Betsy {at} and I will do my best to answer any questions you might have!


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